I’m Learning!: Omsi Robot Revolution

At Omsi, you can view for a limited time robots that may be used for everyday life in the near future. At the Robot Revolution exhibit at Omsi they showcase all kinds of different robobots from construction robots to emergency robots to even hospital seals(that are still robots)! When you enter the exhibit you are... Continue Reading →

Radio at KBOO

KBOO is a viewer-powered radio station that broadcasts all kinds of music 24/7 without commercial breaks, while maintaining a volunteer count of about 500 and a staff count of only 13. I got the chance to tour this miracle. Before I had I wasn’t at all aware how much work was put into a community-driven... Continue Reading →


Hello, today I’m here to talk about my visit to the Portland Art Museum’s Laika exhibit. Laika, as you may know, is responsible for many groundbreaking films such as Coraline (2009), ParaNorman (2012), The Boxtrolls (2014), and Kubo and the Two Strings (2016). These films are all Stop-Motion. Stop-Motion, simply put, is created by setting... Continue Reading →

My Hobbies: The Pocket Scavenger

Are you artsy? Do you like to collect? I know I do. Recently i've been using an activity book called The Pocket Scavenger that involves collecting and changing various objects. In The Pocket Scavenger you start by filling out a quick profile: Then, you are greeted with a few introduction pages. After you've read those... Continue Reading →

What You Can Gain From Acting

  I have been enrolled in an improv acting class for about one month and although I’m not experienced enough to be handing out tips, I see no harm in sharing my experience. There are a lot of things you can gain from being in different acting groups, like being able to put together costumes,... Continue Reading →

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