The Brick-by-Brick Challenge

Have you ever tried to build with just a small pile of LEGO bricks? If you haven’t, here’s a fun way to challenge yourself!

First, start with a pile of random, colorful, and simple LEGO bricks like this:

Then, if you want, you can grab some friends to build with you! Take turns building with only the selected bricks, and if you want, you can talk a little about your build! With the bricks pictured above, some of my friends, teachers, and myself made the following:

First up is my friend Gardner’s Microscale Helicopter:

Gardner is a middle aged student but did not want to discuss his build so I will give some info on it. While I was watching Gardner build, it seemed like he knew exactly what to make. He never reconstructed an element, and he finished in a remarkably short time. However, Gardners build was the only build that did not use all 21 pieces.

The next build is from a younger kid named Leo, who built A Machine:

Once again, Leo had a lot of fun showing but did not want to do any telling, so, I will talk about it instead. I thought the build was very creative and stood out from the others. I liked seeing what a young child might think lived inside a big contraption to make it work and in a lot of ways that makes it the most unique build at the table.

Next we have Drake, with his Phase Array Early Warning System:

Drake is a teacher of mine, and unlike Gardner and Leo, I got to talk with him about his build.

What inspired your build?

“Well, the small disk piece, the cone piece, and the nozzle piece were my main motivators. It made me think of a satellite dish.”

What do you like about your build?

“After experimenting, I decided to go with a structure as opposed to a vehicle. I felt limited by each piece being a different color. I normally choose to build with specific color pallets.”

What did you think of the challenge?

“Overall this was a fun and exciting challenge!”

I noticed that when building, Drake constructed and then reconstructed many different times. I saw that he had first thought of using the 1×1 radar dishes as wheels, but then found that it would be hard to connect them to the rest of the build. Drakes build also took the longest to make and that made me feel like it was more revised than the others. One of my favorite features of this build is the creative way Drake attached the 1×4 bricks to the top of the 4×4 platform.

Our fourth build is another teacher of mine, Noppawan’s Millenium Wakanda Ship:

Like Drake, Noppawan also wanted to share a bit about her build:

What inspired your build?

“I just saw the movie Black Panther and I got inspired during the war scene. When wakanda people were getting ready to go to the kings ceremony on a beautiful ship.”

What do you like about your build?

“I like that it is symmetrical and colorful.”

What did you think of the challenge?

“I think it’s cool and I think it’s inspiring because it’s part of your project. I think if you added a timer, it would be really challenging and exciting.”

Personally, I’m a sucker for any cool LEGO spaceship, and out of all the builds here, this is my favorite. Noppawan didn’t take long to build her ship and I was surprised by how quickly she finished. Another cool feature of this build is that it can actually fit a minifigure inside, which I think is amazing especially with only 21 bricks. The ship actually makes me want to watch Black Panther and I think this model is a one-of-a-kind.

Like my friends and teachers, I also made a build called Pupster:

Here’s a little talk about my build too:

What inspired my build?

“I just played around with the pieces for a while, trying to use all of them but at the same time trying to give it proper form.”

What do I like about my build?

“I like that it’s the only animal of the group, and that I got to use pieces in new ways.”

What did I think of the challenge?

“I thought it was fun to participate in and to challenge builders who usually use a lot of pieces.”

I encourage you to try this challenge yourself. It’s really fun and it can only get better with friends. I also encourage you to share and comment this post, so that others may also have fun with this challenge. Finally, if you enjoyed this article, please visit now and again to stay tuned about LEGO posts in the future.

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