What You Can Gain From Acting


I have been enrolled in an improv acting class for about one month and although I’m not experienced enough to be handing out tips, I see no harm in sharing my experience. There are a lot of things you can gain from being in different acting groups, like being able to put together costumes, cooperating with the other actors, and making compromises. These are some of the major skills I’ve learned while putting together a performance, and those skills can be used outside of acting too.

Getting to customise an outfit to represent your character is always fun. I like making my character look unique from all the others and I think that if every character has a slightly different style in their clothing it helps the actor express their character and give an unspoken message to the audience saying “Hey, I’m this character and not me.”.

Now, of course, everyone else also wants their character to look unique and different to the audience as well and sometimes that can be difficult to get around. A lot of the time when I choose a costume I end up arguing with everyone else about who gets what and what that character should look like but in reality, it’s up to the actor what they feel is unique and right, and sometimes that can be hard to consider when you feel like your missing out on getting a certain prop and whatnot.

Now whenever you really want something, you may probably receive it, other times, life just doesn’t satisfy, so it’s important to keep some compromising skills for just in case. A lot of times me and another actor will argue for about eight minutes, and if we really have a problem we usually turn to my instructor, Sam, for help. I’ve found that most of the time, Sam does her best to make things fair, like taking turns with a certain prop or suggesting an alternative option that usually sounds fairly appealing, that’s why I think it’s usually helpful to have an individual who has more authority over everyone else to help solve problems.

So that is my personal experience with building skills through acting. If you enjoyed this post I may be able to give some helpful tips in the future, but for now, all I can recommend is that you try improv acting yourself, and to comment your opinion and share this post with others.

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