How To Survive The One Year No Games Challange Part 1

It’s been a couple months now that I’ve been doing no video games and while that may seem impossible for me to try and take this challenge, it’s really not that bad. There are a lot of upsides to taking a long break from what was becoming a dangerous fetish. Like how I can clear my mind and pursue new interests because my thoughts are no longer constantly clouded by screens, how other interests can fill up all the time and attention that video games were constantly clogging up, and how I can create content to show you what a kid can really do.

Getting to pursue new interests that were never even considered because of all the thought I was giving to video games instead is one of the major pluses to taking this challenge. Already I’ve been finding a great selection of new interests that I didn’t even know were passions of mine until recently, like Roald Dahl and stop-motion animation. I’ve just simply been investing in a wide variety of different interests that, unlike video games, may very well pay my rent in the future.

Now, on top of making new hobbies and interests, I’ve also been putting more time and effort into old ones that used to just be small pastimes. I’ve been noticing that a lot of my smaller interests have really been growing recently like how I’ve been using Legos for stop-motion and how I’ve participated in more acting classes. If you let go of a big passion or hobby, it is likely that one or more of your smaller interests will fill that gap. I myself have gotten a lot more into Yu-Gi-Oh! and have begun investing in rare cards, I’m not saying that the new interest will also become a problem, just that it will become more important to you.

Probably my favorite thing about this challenge is having this blog. It’s allowing me to create content that no one has ever experienced before. I like this blog because it gives me a weekly expectation that I have to fulfill, and once this blog becomes more popular, people like you will get to enjoy what I write and I will enjoy writing for them. I like being able to share my experience taking this challenge instead of wasting my life away sitting at a screen.

That has been my overall experience taking this challenge and doing this blog so far. If you want to help, give me feedback by commenting on this post, and by sharing this post with others to spread the word. I hope you enjoyed this post, check back next saturday, and stick around for a part 2!

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