My Hobbies: The Pocket Scavenger

Are you artsy? Do you like to collect? I know I do. Recently i’ve been using an activity book called The Pocket Scavenger that involves collecting and changing various objects.

In The Pocket Scavenger you start by filling out a quick profile:

Then, you are greeted with a few introduction pages. After you’ve read those you are told to make a map of your neighborhood:

Now here’s how the scavenging works. You start by picking what you plan on finding, for example, postage stamps. Once you find your item, you hold the book upside down and flip to a random page. Then you will find at the top of the page an alteration like create a funny character or add clouds. The rule is that you must follow the alteration and interpret it yourself. Then you attach your finding to it’s page and document it like this:

Then you record where you found your finding on the map you made earlier and check off the item on the checklist at the back of the book:

Here are some examples of my findings on scavenges:

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you get your own pocket scavenger. If you want, you can also comment on this post and share it with others so they can read.

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