How to Build a Lego Bedroom

If you like to play with LEGOs, you’ve probably built a lot of cool things like cars or spaceships, but did you know that the hardest things to build are actually the most ordinary? Here, have you ever built something like this?

If not, here’s some tips and tricks on how to build a bedroom for your minifigure.

Let’s start with the posters right above the bed, they’re attached with 1×2 side studded bricks, along with flat bricks stacked on top:

If you don’t have these specific posters, just use different ones!

The alarm clock uses a pretty similar technique to the one just shown:

Once again, you can use any piece you want for the clock face.

The books on the shelf aren’t actually on the shelf, they’re actually attached to the wall with another side-studded piece, and the books themselves are just flat bricks with a smooth piece at the end. The ball is attached to the shelf with a jumper plate to make it stay there too.

You can use whatever size and color books as well, and you can try replacing the ball with a teddy bear or some other piece if you like.

The shelf itself is standing on two arch pieces attached to the wall, like this:

Don’t forget to make the arch pieces the same color as the wall too.

The computer is just a clip piece attached to a small corner brick.

You can have any design you want for the computer screen, it doesn’t have to be this one.

This isn’t seen in the photo, but if you want, you can even have a chest with toys inside!

If you don’t have this chest piece, try using a crate or barrel instead!

Now, because the bed is a more complex build, here’s a step-by-step tutorial of how to build your own!

Here are the bricks you will need to build a bed. You may use whatever colors you desire.

Flip the build over.

You will need two of each of these bricks to build two of the following.

Flip the build over.

You will need twice these pieces to build two of the following.

Flip the build over.

There ya go! Your new bed is now complete and if you ever want to put your minifigure to sleep all you have to do is lift the “door” and put them in! I hope you enjoyed this article and would really appreciate it if you comment and shared this post. If you had a nice time reading this article and building your bed, check back for more LEGO posts and tutorials, as well as other posts that you might find interesting.

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