Radio at KBOO

KBOO is a viewer-powered radio station that broadcasts all kinds of music 24/7 without commercial breaks, while maintaining a volunteer count of about 500 and a staff count of only 13. I got the chance to tour this miracle. Before I had I wasn’t at all aware how much work was put into a community-driven radio station like KBOO. But now, I’m considering doing my own radio for the blog.

The radio station that my school and I toured was very large and consisted of many rooms. Most of these being recording rooms. A lot of these rooms and hallways had foam and old KBOO flyers covering the walls. There were also a few digital clocks that were showing military time. At least I think they were but I couldn’t be sure because at the bottom of each clock in small white letters they said: “OFFICIAL KBOO TIME”. Each office was decorated differently and there doors had little comic strips and such taped on them. One even had little music boxes glued to it that each had a different tune. The whole place kinda reminded me of my room, not exactly clean but I got a feeling everybody knew where everything was all the same.

Part of the tour was getting split into different groups and making our own radio with KBOO’s equipment. The way it was set up was that every two people shared a movable microphone and we all got a pair of headphones each that plugged into a large table. With these headphones everybody could hear anything that was said in the mic, meaning we could all hear each other loud and clear. Del, the tour guide that was in our radio group, also played music and censored swears for us. My group started out by doing a test recording called “Thriller” that we all thought was pretty funny. After that we started a talk show that we called “Jack In The Hat”.

Here’s how our show worked: The host of our show would introduce every person under a silly codename around the table once, starting with Jack. Everyone then got a little time to talk and make up a fake character that was usually funny in some way or another. Every episode the host would make a different fake name for everyone and all the names were always thought up on the spot. This meant that every episode we each got to make a new character. The first episode I made up a character called Rocky Road, The Unofficial Lord of YouTube, and the second episode I was Greenwell, the one guy that’s actually sane. It was a great experience and I hope to do it again.

I didn’t think that I’d ever be interested in radio but it turned out I had a really fun time and would really enjoy a regular talk show that I could do for the blog. I think it very well possible that I will return to KBOO in order to practice radio more and eventually use those skills for some kind of monthly post. Until then, feel free to comment about your opinion on a raidio post for the blog and what ideas you think I should include. Or if you don’t have any recommendations at the moment, share this post with others and let them give out their opinion! I always appreciate any feedback and support.

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