I’m Learning!: Omsi Robot Revolution

At Omsi, you can view for a limited time robots that may be used for everyday life in the near future. At the Robot Revolution exhibit at Omsi they showcase all kinds of different robobots from construction robots to emergency robots to even hospital seals(that are still robots)!

When you enter the exhibit you are greeted with a robot that can tell you all about how robots work with almost human-like movements:

Then, there are a couple different robots that you can control with touchscreens like Daisy:

Bob(I named this one):

Fred(I also named this one):

and Topy:

There is also a security robot that says things like “Humans should really figure out what they want from robots.” and different quotes like that:

There are a few more honorable mentions here too:

One robot that can display different emotions other robots will have in the future,

a robotic seal that actually responds when you pet it’s fur,

and maybe the best of the bunch, this robot by the door to the second floor of the exhibit that shows how robots will be able to perform construction and climb buildings.

As you emerge on to the second floor you are challenged…to a game of tic-tac-toe… by a robot… it’s actually funner than it looks. The game works by placing down tiles and if you swap the circles and x’s, you can beat him in two turns.

Nearby also is a card-playing robot:as well as a robot you can program by moving it around. Make a pattern and it will repeat what you did!

Now, finally, the time has come, to make your own robot. With cubes of course! How it works is each cube has a different purpose, like one is a battery block, another has wheels, one lets you steer your robot as well. There are even blocks with lights on them!

Now, there are some more ‘bots that I didn’t cover, but go and see them for yourself before it’s too late, and speaking of doing things please comment and share this post.

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