My Feelings On Being Homeshcooled Next Year

As some of you may or may not know, I will not be returning to school next year and instead will pursue my interests through homeschooling. This, however, is the first time I’ve talked about it on my blog. I’m writing this post for two main reasons, one is that I have a lot of feelings I want to express with this article, negative, positive, and violently neutral alike. Another reason for writing this is that a lot of people think that homeschooling is a bad thing which I think can go either way because there are a lot of different ways to homeschool. Here’s where I’m at with homeschooling.

There’s a few things I feel sad about losing at VFS, and one of those things that’s really big is leaving the community. Although I don’t have many friends at my school I do have people I like to hang out with that I won’t get to see very often anymore. I will get to visit of course but change is always difficult. It’s also mostly the teachers that I like about the community. They’ve helped me grow and thrive at VFS and I’ve developed strong, lasting friendships with those teachers. Something else that’s frustrating for me is that not many people agree with the reason why I’m leaving. But my basic reason is, VFS just isn’t an adequate learning environment for me.

There is one thing about this change that I don’t really have an opinion on though. I feel like I’m gonna end up with a lot of spare time even though I’m gonna be at a lot of summer and afterschool camps. Whether or not that is good or bad we’ll just have to wait and see.

Short of all that though, I feel entirely positive about what’s in store for me. I’m excited to become part of the new communities that will be found in camps, and the instructors I’ll get to meet along the way. I feel pretty good that I still feel like I have good reason for this change despite what others may think because really, it’s my own personal reason that I shouldn’t expect others to agree with. Finally I feel happy that I can still have my main friends hang out and that I can still have strong friendships with some of those people.

I hope that you see my reasons and feelings about homeschooling valid enough to broaden your horizons, giving you a new or widend perspective of homeschooling. But don’t forget to comment and share on this post too!

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