Chain of Bricks Challange

Are you bored of your LEGO builds? Do like to build with friends? Do you have friends? Then try this challenge! In order to set up the challenge, get a friend or two and sit around your LEGO collection with a timer. Then the player who goes first will build something with ten bricks in one minute.

Then the next player will build ten more bricks on to the current build in another minute.

Then repeat.

Try and change the build at least five times.

Go and look back at the first picture. Do you see how the build looks completely different from before? Here’s another example:

My friend Gardner started first. He used all ten pieces and I saw that he was going for a kind of spaceship.

Next was my turn. I tried to add some detailed parts to the spaceship. Although I only added about five pieces.

Next it was Gardners turn again. I saw that he tried to add a top wing which I thought was neat. He used about eight pieces.

When it came to be my turn again I wasn’t too sure what to add. None of the pieces really inspired me and I wound up going with something that was just really weird. I used about five pieces and my favorite piece was the big red one with japanese letters.

I think Gardner had the same problem as me, because after seeing what I had done he just gave up and added a horse. He used two pieces and that ended our challenge.

Feel free to try this challenge yourself! Me and my friend Gardner both had a lot of fun with it and I think you will too. Please comment and share this post as well so that others can try this challenge! Make sure to check back for more LEGO tutorials and challenges and I hope you enjoyed this challenge.

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